Delta DV 520 Solid Durable Rugged

DV5 NEX-GEN Series

The DV-520 radio is the latest addition to the Delta fleet of radios bringing the tried and true DMR radio technology of the DS400 series to the mobile market. The DV520 is the perfect fit for any vehicle environment from Utes to heavy equipment

The DTMA digital technology allows dual use of the same frequency through a repeater effectively doubling the number of talk channels available. The display allows for full digital caller ID as well as easier navigation of the zones, features, and channels during use.

Dual Mode: Supports both digital and analog to cut your budgets while shifting analog to digital.

Voice Encryption: the 16-bit key to ensuring your secure communications.

Excellent Voice: Crystal voice quality ensured even in extremely noisy environments

Supplementary Functions: Voice Call, SMS, Call Alert, Remote Monitor, Radio Check, Remote Kill/ Revive, etc.

Remote Emergency Alarm: Supports several options on remote emergency alarms, such as concealed emergency alarms.

Accessories In Box: (Main Body, Hand microphone, Fixed mount and screws for hand Mic, Power line, Fuse, Mounting bracket,)

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